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Comments are now supported

This web site now supports comments.

Comments are simple and anonymous by default. They support a restricted number of HTML tags and their Markdown equivalents:

  • blocks: p, blockquote, pre
  • inline style: em, strong, code, sub, sup, s, ins, del
  • lists: ul, ol, li, dl, dt, dd
  • accessibility hints: abbr, acronym

To comment, click the permalink hash mark (#) at the top of the post in question. Be sure to enable JavaScript in your web browser.

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Sweet! Any contingency plan for comment spam?

Matthias #

Re comment spam:

  • I receive an email each time someone posts a comment so I can go in and delete it if necessary.
  • My experience with MulkCMS 1 ( tells me that spammers don’t care to implement Hashcash in their software (which makes sense—it isn’t economically sensible for them), so I don’t expect much spam to get through.
Matthias #

I expected the commenting system to start out with a bug or two and indeed it did: Comments were included in the newsletter as if they were top-level posts.

That should be fixed now.