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A meticulously designed monospace bitmap font. Perfect for your text editor or IDE when you are on a low-resolution display.

An interview with David Shor, Barack Obamaโ€™s presidential campaign data scientist.

One point he makes: Democrats have tended to win elections when they have focused on issues rather than ideology in their messaging. Points in case: Hillary Clintonโ€™s defeat in 2016, Bernie Sandersโ€™ strong showing in 2016 versus his weaker performance in 2020.

A tool that lets you explore the JavaScript UI components in your application (or component library) in isolation, one at at a time, with mock data, and provides a way to document use cases and functionality.

A perfect fit for WebComponents.

A JUnit extension that enables you to assert that Java Flight Recorder events either are or are not emitted. Can be used to prevent performance regressions (think N+1 SELECTs) and monitor I/O in unit tests.

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