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The big issue that I have with how the German government does COVID politics is that they can’t seem to handle the trolley problem.

The default choice appears to be inaction. A decision to act is made only when there is (seemingly) irrefutable scientific consensus that it causes no harm. That is arguably the correct approach for a doctor to take on a patient who cannot make an informed decision for themselves. But a pandemic is more akin to war than to a doctor’s visit. There will be casualties, some of which innocent bystandersβ€”the only question is how many. In that kind of situation, inaction is not the safe choice. There is no safe choice.

Failure-atomic msync() enables you to treat an mmap(2)ed file as a transactional data store that is robust in the face of power outages. Famus implements it in user space by employing write-ahead logging. As a bonus it optionally versions your file and lets you go back in time as needed.

A website where you can practice writing Japanese by drawing on the screen. Kana, Kanji, and vocabulary, ordered by JLPT level or, at your choice, a number of other systems.

Semel scriptum decem lectum!

A functional game engine for Scala.js, targeted at programmers rather than game designers.

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