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This article has different numbers for the emissions of CO2 equivalents than the one from our world in data article. Numbers in the literature seems to vary widely (from 3.7 to over 110 g(CO2 equiv)/kWh). The “our world in data” article seems to use the lowest value from the literature and rounds off (from 3.7 to 3).

Also the dw article has some other good points that aren’t mentioned often enough (nuclear is more expensive than renewables, has longer construction times and may have to be shut down in hot summers, when the rivers for cooling run low).

KDE framework for building apps that run well on both mobile and desktop devices.

javax.annotation:javax.annotation-api and merged into a single automatic module. This solves another split-package issue and together with RationalityFrontline /grpc-api is the missing piece of the puzzle for using gRPC in a modular Java application.

This one is necessary to make code generated by protoc pass compilation.

A Rust crate for serialization to and from the D-Bus wire format. Also supports GVariant, which is a variation of the same.

A compiler back-end for lazy and strict functional languages with whole program optimization support.

Matthias #

I tried out GNOME 40 today.

I had already read about it online, with quite a few articles suggesting that it was going into the wrong direction UI-wise. One common complaint was that it seemed more touch-oriented and less efficient to use with a mouse.

After trying it out, I am pleasantly surprised. I find I am quite happy with the gesture-based input paradigm that GNOME 40 is built around. In particular, navigating between the activity overview and the main desktop has become significantly quicker for me.

Perhaps my fondness of the MacBook’s way of treating its trackpad as a first-class input device has rubbed off on me and I am now attuned to it. What is surprising, however, is that notwithstanding the substantial amount of time I have spent in macOS, I seem to prefer GNOME’s implemention over the Mac’s. It feels, to me, even more efficient and to the point.

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