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Extends HTML with an expression language that enables dynamic modifications in a declarative way.

Medley, the Interlisp development environment, is now free software.

Interlisp represents one of the two branches of Lisp that eventually culminated in Common Lisp, Lisp Machine Lisp/Maclisp being the other. Its development environment was way ahead of its time, including a structured code editor and an a graphical user interface built for interactive development.


A proposal for a dialect of C that is free of undefined behavior.

Now, undefined behavior is, of course, useful to compiler vendors because it enables certain optimizations. But in my mind it just makes a C a strange language without a clear idea of itself: It is not the portable assembly language that many of its users treat it as, one that you can rely on to translate into predictable hardware-level instructions; yet at the same time it is not a high-level language either, unsafety and machine specifics lurking behind every corner.

The same author later follows up rejecting the idea of achieving broad consensus before implementing such a dialect as unrealistic. Instead, they argue, someone influentual enough should just pave the way by writing their code in a Friendly C and making it the quasi-standard.

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