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Stylesheets for web pages that look like old-school text-based user interfaces.

Polyglot Bazel-like reproducible and efficient build system for large code bases. Pants 2 recently regained support for Java and Scala. Also supports Python, Go, and shell scripts.

Nix expressions that make it easy to cross-compile static binaries for a variety of platforms (including Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux on various CPU architectures).

Generates a web site by aggregating documentation written in AsciiDoc format from arbitrarily many Git repositories.

Eine Organisation, die in Deutschland Spenden annimmt und sie an gemeinnützige Vereine (wie z.B. GiveDirectly) weiterleitet, die damit einen mâglichst großen Nutzen generieren. Sie orientieren sich dabei auch an Daten von GiveWell.

FΓΌr Spenden bekommt man hier auch eine deutsche Spendenquittung.

An OCI-compatible container runtime for FreeBSD based on jails.

You can even use it with containerd.

I loved jails when I was on FreeBSD, but it was always a problem that the mutable application state was not cleanly separated from the immutable system parts. With this, you could fix that.

A Java library that performs field injection of resources from the class path. Useful for unit tests that use files as input.

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