Matthias Benkard's Objective-CL


*trace-method-calls*Whether to print trace messages of all Objective-C method calls.

+nil+The Objective-C constant value nil.
+no+The Objective-C boolean value NO.
+yes+The Objective-C boolean value YES.

collect-classesIntern all objective-c-classes known to the runtime.
collect-methodsIntern all method selectors known to the runtime.
define-returns-boolean-exceptionDefine an exception to the rule that char means BOOL as a method return type.
disable-method-syntaxDisable the reader macro installed by enable-method-syntax.
disable-objective-c-syntaxDisable the reader macro installed by enable-objective-c-syntax.
enable-method-syntaxInstall a reader macro that makes method calls look nicer.
enable-objective-c-syntaxInstall an Objective-C-like reader macro for Objective-C method calls.
find-objc-classRetrieve an Objective-C class by name.
find-selectorRetrieve a method selector by name.
initialise-runtimeInitialise the Objective-C runtime.
install-reader-syntaxThis function is deprecated. Use enable-objective-c-syntax instead.
intern-selectorRetrieve a method selector by name, or create it if it does not exist.
invokeSend a message to an Objective-C instance.
invoke-by-nameSend a message to an Objective-C object by the name of the method.
objc-class-nameFind the name of a class.
selectorConvert an object into a selector.
shutdown-runtimeShut the Objective-C runtime down.
superSend a super message to the receiver of the current message.
undefine-returns-boolean-exceptionRevert the effect of define-returns-boolean-exception for a given selector.

Generic Functions
foreign-value-lisp-managed-pDetermine or change whether a foreign value will be garbage-collected.
foreign-value-pointerAccess the pointer to the foreign data wrapped by a foreign-value.
objc-eqlTest whether two references point to the same object.
objc-equalTest whether two objects are equal.
objective-c-class-registered-pDetermine whether a class has been registered with the Objective-C runtime.
selector-nameFind the name of a selector.

define-objective-c-classDefine a new Objective-C class.
define-objective-c-generic-functionDefine a new Objective-C generic function.
define-objective-c-methodDefine a new Objective-C method.

exceptionThe condition type for Objective-C exceptions.
message-not-understoodThe runtime is unable to retrieve the signature of a method.
no-such-selectorSomeone tried to dereference an invalid method selector.

foreign-structA wrapper type for foreign struct values.
foreign-unionA wrapper type for foreign union values.
foreign-valueA wrapper type for complex foreign values.
idThe type of all Objective-C objects.
objective-c-classThe type of all Objective-C classes.
objective-c-generic-functionAn Objective-C dispatch function for a given selector.
objective-c-methodAn Objective-C method implemented in Lisp.
selectorAn Objective-C method selector.