Contents (package MULK.OBJECTIVE-CL)

Standard Class ID


The type of all Objective-C objects.

Inherits From:

c-pointer-wrapper (internal)


The class id is the supertype of all Objective-C instance types. It comprises all kinds of Objective-C objects that are instances of some Objective-C class, that is, neither primitive C values nor selector, class or exception objects.

id objects cannot be created by means of make-instance. Use a suitable class method instead as you would in Objective-C.


(invoke (find-objc-class 'ns-object)  
  ;=> #<NSObject `NSObject' {16ECF598}>  
(invoke (find-objc-class 'ns-string)  
        :string-with-c-string "Mulk.")  
  ;=> #<GSCBufferString `Mulk.' {5B36087}>  
(invoke (find-objc-class 'ns-string)  
  ;=> #<GSCBufferString `' {FFFFFFE}>  

See also:

invoke, invoke-by-name, exception