Contents (package MULK.OBJECTIVE-CL)



Intern all method selectors known to the runtime.




For the syntax enhancement provided by enable-method-syntax to work, all method selectors must be available as the fdefinition of the symbol whose symbol-name is the selector's name and which are accessible in the package objective-cl-selectors. collect-methods ensures that all selectors that are known to the Objective-C runtime as the names of methods of any classes are registered in this way.

Normally, collect-methods need not be called by user code, as it is called once at system load-time as well as whenever a framework is loaded by Objective-CL, but if the user dynamically loads any libraries or frameworks by calling FFI routines (like, for instance, cffi:load-foreign-library) directly, collect-methods must be called if the newly introduced selectors are to be available to Lisp code written using the syntax enhancement provided by enable-method-syntax.

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