After leaving this web site's server software as-is for a couple of years, I recently felt the urge to rewrite it once more. (This happens every couple of years or so. Maybe next time I'll try using C++ or O'Caml or something, just to get the hang of doing it in every way imaginable.)

Apart from the error pages being different, nothing much has changed on the user interface front yet, but stay tuned. This huge thing called “internationalization” is still lingering somewhere deep within the data model, and I intend to publish some of my future content in multiple languages. You may have noticed that I've already begun doing so: My latest article is available both in English and in German.

Under the hood, it's all different. The server is now based on a persistent Hunchentoot process, which I can tell you is infinitely more convenient to program against than CGI. The backend is still based on PostgreSQL, albeit with a lot more stuff taken care of by the database system. Relational database programming sure is nice stuff, now that I know a bit about data modelling and querying.

Oh, I almost forgot. There's one more thing that you may have noticed: If JavaScript is enabled in your browser when you're writing a comment, Akismet is now circumvented in favor of a Hashcash-like proof-of-work system. You know, have to spread awareness and all that (of privacy, I mean, and, of course, of decentralized systems accomplishing great things).